The Smoke That Weighs Heavy On My Shoulders

Marissa Apstein's latest collection, titled "The Smoke That Weighs Heavy On My Shoulders" delves into the enigmatic realm of smoke, transcending its ephemeral nature and casting it as a formidable, weighty pillar that establishes a divide between the viewer and the subject. Within this dense, substantial, and at times almost viscous medium, Marissa delves into the transformative power of smoke, utilizing it as an active protagonist in her paintings to conceal or accentuate various subjects or intricacies.

However, the symbolism portrayed by this recurrent iconography does not adhere to a static representation of singular subjects. Much like smoke itself, perpetually morphing and evolving, it is subject to constant change, influenced by diverse catalysts, forever twisting and turning until it assumes an entirely different form. Each fleeting sensation can be traced within its ethereal plumes, yet the weight and presence of the object crystallize it with profound emotion. Smoke can act as a barrier, obstructing our view, but it can also function as an open road, leading us to new discoveries. It can emerge as an unintended consequence or a deliberate intention, bringing people together or driving them further apart.

In "The Smoke That Weighs Heavy On My Shoulders," Marissa Apstein masterfully explores the multifaceted nature of smoke, inviting viewers to contemplate its intricate dance between solidity and transience. Through her artistry, she encourages us to question the boundaries we encounter, the hidden truths obscured within veils of smoke, and the profound impact that seemingly intangible forces can exert upon our lives. Marissa reveals the power of smoke as a transformative catalyst, awakening our senses to the boundless possibilities that lie within the shifting mists.
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